Category: Ubiquiti

EdgeRouter SNMPv3

Ubiquiti EdgeRouters require a specific syntax to enable SNMPv3, see the following entry for details.

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EdgeRouter / Wireless Radius Authentication

<work on this when i have time, as requested>

EdgeRouter / VPN – L2TP with Radius

Ubiquiti Edgerouter Remote VPN/L2TP client configuration on IPv4  using radius authentication.

Ubiquiti does not (yet) support IPv6 L2TP.

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Freedom/KPN Glasvezel + EdgeRouter 4

Freedom Internet provides fibre optic (glasvezel) connections on various infrastructures, primarily the KPN network. This post will provides instructions to implementing a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter in combination with this service for IPv4, IPv6 and IPTV.

This instruction will skip multi network (WIFI, DMZ, etc) or separating IPTV into dedicated VLAN. That kind of stuff is unique …

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